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​I am an actor, dancer, singer and choreographer with a unique Middle Eastern flavor.

My first role ever was a tree in The Wizard of Oz in Istanbul, my home town. I was seven years old when I got that part, and I remember the glamour of the lights and the sparkle of the dust on stage. It was magical. I was the best tree on that stage! From that point on my heart was filled and there was no turning back. I remember as a young child, I'd dress up in front of my grandma's big mirror and imagine myself a star in the movies. I would shut the bedroom door and dive into a world that I created in my mind and act and dance for hours on end.

Dance was my first love and my way of expressing myself. I studied and became a professional dancer. I have travelled the world with many dance companies, including my own, and have explored many different styles of dance as it gives me so much joy. I continue to study and work to develop all my abilities, and am shifting my focus to acting for both stage and camera. The sky's the limit.

Creativity runs through my blood and makes me feel alive. Expressing emotions through the lenses of different characters and artforms makes me break free. That stagestruck little girl has never left me. I love portraying different characters with all the sincerity of that child who still lives in me.

Sevin Ceviker Headshot

Click on the image to download my headshot and resume.

Sevin Ceviker Resume
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